In the Toddlers Program at GMS, we aim to turn your child’s natural curiosity into positive learning experiences. The GMS program takes advantage of the toddler’s natural drive to act independently. Toddler exercises and activities recognize that children learn by doing. It is during these first few years of life that the roots for a love of learning are established. Dr. Montessori recognized the sensitivities of the toddler in the areas of independence, order, movement and language as the key elements in the child’s growth and development during the toddler period. For many children this is their first experience separated from their primary caregiver. Care is given to assist the young child and parent in handling separation and in making this a positive and healthy experience. A typical day for your child would consist of individual indoor work time, snack time (a favorite of most), outdoor playtime, music, reading stories, lunchtime, nap time and other enrichment activities. In this language-rich environment, teachers support and guide toddlers as they explore order and disorder, and refine their emerging motor skills.

GMS Toddler program’s goals are to

  • Foster the development of basic trust
  • Assist in the natural development of personality, based on unique needs and wants
  • Respond appropriately to the infant’s needs to be loved, respected, and accepted
  • Nurture infants through their senses, allowing infants to observe and move freely
  • Offer holding and feeding comfort to the Seeds
  • Maintain a routine that will be both flexible to an infant’s’ daily needs, yet predictable so that the infant feels secure in her environment
  • Establish a partnership with the family. The family is considered an integral part of the individual’s total development
  • Develop a stronger sense of self, self-confidence and independence
Montessori Educated Children Tend to grow up to be

  • A life-long joyful scholar
  • Independent
  • Responsible
  • Self-confident
  • Able to think for oneself
  • Compassionate and kind
  • Enthusiastic